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What Advantages does Sitecore Provide?

What matters most? Delivering great customer experiences or ROI? Most say ‘both’.

No matter how advanced you are in your digital marketing, you want to go further. As you get savvier, you’re looking for ad tech and martech to work together, you want to do more and more with data — and everyone needs flexibility and faster time to market. All of these things are why you should care about Sitecore.

  • Sitecore is extensible.
  • Sitecore is flexible.
  • Sitecore enables the integration of just about anything.
  • Sitecore facilitates using data impact-fully.
  • Sitecore enables delivering customer experiences that deliver results.
  • It meets just about any reasonable criteria that you set forth other than being self-driving or dirt cheap.

It’s such a powerful platform that Sitecore is loved by leading brands and leading technologists and marketers alike...

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Sitecore for Developers:

Sitecore is one of the most extensible and scalable content management and customer experience platforms on the market. It’s designed to facilitate integrations to deliver a solution to nearly any requirement. And its forward-thinking architecture means Sitecore is ready to take on IoT — and is headless by design. Developers love it, which is why it is backed by an extraordinary technical community.

Sitecore for Content Marketers:

The content marketer has more ability than ever to create engaging experiences with powerful personalization of content (Sitecore version 9.1 even has suggested personalization) and the ability to make content just right for any screen. And they have extensive control over taxonomy, SEO, file structure, workflow, scheduling, as well as deploying powerful multichannel campaigns with variants and testing.

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Sitecore for Customer Experience Designers:

Sitecore enables access to data and the ability to follow individual user paths providing invaluable insight into user behavior; what they’re engaging with, how they buy, etc. Customer experience designers have extensive tools available to make natural feeling, personalized experiences that scale. And the best part for most companies, they can build these experiences incrementally, driving home return on investment no matter what stage they’re at in their digital marketing capabilities.

Sitecore for Analytics Managers:

Analyzing user behavior is foundational to delivering customer experiences that feel natural and make sense while fulfilling the business objectives for a site. Sitecore designed analytics that provide meaningful insight into what people were doing, trying to accomplish, and what they’re likely to do.

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