Sitecore Technical Audit

Gain clarity on where a site is now and where it needs to go.

A Sitecore Technical Audit provides agencies with a two-week engagement that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a particular website's Sitecore implementation and environment. But more importantly, it contains recommendations that can help prioritize the next steps when building out the action plan for maturing a site's features to fulfill the site's business objectives.

Oshyn's Sitecore experts review the agency client's platform, hosting platform, integrations, and processes. At the conclusion of the review, we deliver a report containing recommendations and a roadmap for next steps based on the objectives for the site.

Agency Benefits


Gain a Strategic Planning Tool

Position your agency as a core strategic partner with your clients.

Expand Your Agency's Expertise

Easily fill gaps in your team's Sitecore knowledge.

Build Informed Action Plans

Keep clients moving forward with expert insights that make planning easier.

Be Indispensable

Your agency can proactively identify shortcomings or missing features and reduce last-minute fire drills.

Keep Clients Engaged

Being able to provide concrete next steps with clear benefits increases engagement with your clients designing and building additional features.

We know Agencies

Oshyn was founded by former agency principals.

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