Your CMS Is Broken: Should You Fix it or Get a New One?

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Your CMS is Broken ebook cover on iPad

The CMS has become the foundation of digital business and when it’s not performing as required it can have dire consequences such as:

  • Not meeting revenue goals

  • Decreased sales and marketing efficiency

  • Decreased customer retention

  • Expensive maintenance costs

  • Wasted and strained IT resources

  • Inability to monitor campaign ROI

  • Frustrated business users, editors, marketers

  • Negative impact on brand reputation

  • Cart abandonment

  • Inability to expand digital footprint

  • Inefficient content localization

  • Loss of market share

It is not at all uncommon for organizations to consider their CMS "broken." As business becomes more reliant on digital, a broken CMS can wreak havoc on business performance.

This ebook will help you identify why your CMS is broken, what needs to be fixed, how to repair if if feasible, or when it is no longer worth it to fix your CMS and you should get a new one.