Achieving Content Governance with AEM Page Publication Workflows: A Guide

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Achieving Content Governance with AEM Page Publication Workflows: A Guide ebook

Processes for content approval and publication are crucial for marketing. Yet, they are usually poorly designed and documented, often handled with endless email chains— and even manually. Managing content this way is time-consuming and very inefficient. Sometimes, there's no approval process at all, and companies end up with unauthorized content in production workflows.

Content Governance aims to solve challenges with mission-critical content-related processes, streamlining the planning, creation, and publication of business content by:

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of the content team

  • Designing efficient content workflows

  • Documenting content-related guidelines, policies, procedures, etc.

  • Ensuring company-wide adoption of the processes.

AEM empowers companies to accomplish their content governance goals.

This ebook will show you how to create and execute a basic Page Publication Workflow (PPW) utilizing out-of-the-box AEM 6.5 workflow models and steps. The guide details the five activities required to create successful workflows:

  1. Define and design the Page Publication Process (PPP) using AEM workflow steps and stages.

  2. Create the users involved in the PPP.

  3. Create an AEM PPW to automate the PPP. We will create a Workflow Model using OOTB workflow steps as this is a fundamental process (best practice).

  4. Define how the workflow will be started (manually by user request or automated using a launcher).

  5. Test that the workflow is working correctly.