What your developer secretly wants from you

When it comes to web development, most clients have a wish list of what they want to have in their project, but what's on your developer's wish list? Oshyn's VP of Services, Christian Burne, discusses what he really wants from clients - hint, it won't cost you more money!

Video Transcript:

Jose Caballer, The Skool: “You are an old-school nerd and you have had a lot of experience. What would you say, Christian, to him when it comes to what you wish clients would do? Is it flexibility, is it letting you price differently. What is it in that you wish would happen in that process that you see happen over and over again?”

Christian Burnes, Oshyn:  “So, yeah, they gotta be realistic. I mean, that’s what I see a lot of times customers not being realistic about what they want and what they can afford. And you know there was some question where everyone always asks me, “What CMS should I get?” Well, obviously, that’s not a valid question to ask somebody. You need a lot more information before you can give that answer and the best way to do it is to …if you don’t have the knowledge, you have to get educated and you have to find somebody who has the knowledge.  If you have a terrible disease, you are not going to try to perform surgery on yourself. You need to get somebody that has the knowledge. Obviously, do the due-diligence, talk to multiple people, get the advice first, but at some point you are going to have to trust somebody. You are going to have to trust somebody that has the knowledge and form some kind of relationship with them so that they can get you through the forest to the other side. And you are not going to have a lot of success if you don’t do that.” 

Jose Caballer, The Skool: “So a good example, in a case study I had, my agency, The Group, we were creative but we used Oshyn as a partner to implement a lot of the technology, CMS implementation, Drupal, and now I’m helping you with Sitecore and implementing large scale enterprising content management with a user-experience site, so trusting each other helps.”