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Siteport 2.2 Product Updates

Dec 30, 2013

Siteport™ is continually improving and adding new features to our software and our 2.2 release is no exception. This latest release includes new multilingual features, improved template mapping, and a completely new look and feel.

Multilingual Migrations

Siteport now gives you the ability to easily migrate the multiple languages on your site from one CMS to another - all within the content migration features of the software.

Template Mapping

This latest update includes improvements to Siteport’s advanced template mapping capabilities - allowing you to easily map content fields from your current website’s templates to new templates in your target CMS.

Redesigned UI

Siteport’s new design makes it easy to create and manage your migrations. A new easy-to-navigate dashboard makes setting up your migration even easier and our collapsable Event Console helps you keep track of all events occurring throughout the migration.

Learn more about our migration service or contact us for more information.

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