Making Your Sitecore Site Responsive

Having a mobile site is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ option in a web development project, it’s a ‘need-to-have’, and for a good reason too. According to Trinity Digital Marketing, “over 1.2 billion people now access the web from their mobile devices. One of the most popular ways to make your site mobile-ready is to build your site using responsive web design techniques.

By switching from pixels to percentages, inserting media queries, and using a fluid layout, you can make your site responsive. But how do you accomplish this inside your Sitecore CMS? Sitecore offers device detection that is similar to adapative design. While some find that device detection meets their needs, others find that pure responsive or a mix of responsive and device detection work best for their website.

Oshyn’s new ebook, ‘Responsive Web Design in Sitecore’, takes you through the elements of responsive design and how you can implement them into your Sitecore site. This ebook shows you how you can have a website that caters to the needs of your desktop and mobile users.

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