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Setting up your Sitecore Experience Platform: Personas, Profile Cards and Values

Dec 23, 2014
Gustavo Villacres
Gustavo Villacres

Sitecore's new Experience Platform (previously called Sitecore DMS – Digital Marketing System), focuses on creating connected experiences for users throughout your site. While your marketing and sales teams will love this functionality, it does take some effort to set up. Here, we’ll show you what to on Day #1 of setting up Sitecore Experience Platform in your site:


During your website design you’ll have to identify all the different types of people that will use/visit your site. These key audiences will represent all the different interests, attitudes, behaviors on the site and for each one you will need to decide how you want them to use your site or what you think is the most likely way they will use your site.

A deep understanding of all user segments will simplify the design process and increase the amount of core features that have to be implemented.

Every time product owners/designers are adding features or content to your site, they should verify if that what they are adding is significant to the personas targeted by your site.

Profile Cards

A profile card helps you to organize the content on your website in order to classify your visitors. This card should reflect the goals and interests that you created when designing your site. While visitors are browsing across the site, their own profile cards will develop based on the values you’ve assigned to the various content and page items they interact with on your site.

This statistics help you to differentiate and identify the content that users are interested in, the pages they prefer and the way they are using the website. This input can also be used to create personalization rules based on a user’s behavior.

Profile Values

The profile values that a user collects during a visit helps give a clear idea to your marketing team what they’re interested in and how they can take them from a potential customer to an actual customer.

Sitecore Engagement Analytics provides some predefined profiles and profile keys that you can use in your site:

Profile Profile Keys
It indicates the emphasis that each content item has
- Background
- Practical
- Process
-  Scope
It indicates the purpose of each content item.
- Building Trust
- Call to Action
- Create Desire
- Define Concept
Persona It contains the profile keys that reflect the personas that you use when you design your website. - Cecile
- Chris
- Ian
- Sandra
It contains the lead value that you can assign to each content item.
- Lead

Sitecore’s latest update is truly focused on creating amazing experiences for your customers. By taking time to create personas, profile cards and assigning values to those profiles, you can build personalized experiences that provide the most value for your website visitors.

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