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Sitecore database deployment to Amazon RDS SQL

Mar 21, 2013
Pablo Bustamante
Pablo Bustamante

 Sitecore database installation relies on being able to copy the files and attach them to the SQL server; however, this cannot be done when you are using Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). The simple solution to this issue is to use SQL Database Migration Wizard.

You need:

1. SQL Server installer that you have file system access or that has the Sitecore databases that we want to move.

2. SQL Database Migration Wizard

3. Sitecore Installer (this is optional, in case you do not have the databases in the SQL server).

The steps:

1. If there databases that are not attached to the SQL server, then install the databases in any way you like (installer or manual).

2. Start the SQLAzureMW.exe and choose ‘Migrate/Database’ and click ‘Next’.

3.  Place the connection parameters of the source (SQL Server). Once connected, select the database that you want to migrate and click ‘Next’.

4.  Select the option "Script all database objects" and click ’Next’.

5.  Click ‘Next’ on the Summary

6. The process will run and create all the necessary scripts to migrate the databases. When it’s done, click ‘Next’.

7. Then, place the connection parameters of the destination. In the server type, change it to SQL Server (Amazon RDS).

8. Select the destination database., If there isn’t one, you can create one with the tool and then select it as the destination.

9. The import process will run. Once complete, click ‘Done’.

You will need to repeat this process for each of the databases that you want to migrate.

[Image courtesy of  wwarby, via Flickr Creative Commons]

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