Sitecore 8 and the Digital Marketer: A Match Made in CMS Heaven

Sitecore’s newest version is an answer to the prayers of digital marketers everywhere. This unique platform gives marketers the ability to track, manage, and engage with customers through their purchase cycle - from awareness and consideration to purchase and beyond.

Purchase Cycle diagram

With a new interface, analytics and insights, continuous testing and optimizing, cross-channel experience delivery and more, it’s no wonder that Sitecore 8 has so many marketers anxious to implement the new version in their site.

So, what makes it so great?

  1. Experience Profile - gives you a visualization of your customer database

    Sitecore’s Experience Profile captures every experience a customer has with your brand and builds out profile with details about that customer that you can use for segmentation, email marketing, sales, and more.

  2. Experience Analytics - Deep insight into what’s working and what’s not

    Sitecore’s Experience Analytics offers more than what you’ll find with classic web analytics. You get insight into the value of individual pieces of content, channels, personas and segments so you can know which areas are bringing the most value and where to focus your marketing efforts. Experience Analytics also dives into the value of various paths and pages in your website to show which pages are converting well and how customers are moving through your website.

  3. Personalization and automation - Allows almost every element of your digital marketing to be automated and personalized.

    • List Manager - Sitecore’s List Manager let’s you create and use segments of customers in your email marketing campaigns. Segments can be created based on any facet in your experience database. Sitecore also automatically creates lists for you based on the segments that are providing the best value for your brand.

    • ECM Manager - Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager (ECM) let’s you market your brand with triggered campaigns and one-off campaigns to dynamic or static lists.

    • Experience Explorer - One of the most compelling parts of Sitecore 8’s Digital Marketing offerings is the ability to personalize all content. The Experience Explorer let’s editors simulate what a personalized experience will look like for a customer segment. What’s even more impressive, it also shows what happens to the user after they experience that personalized content (i.e. do they move into a different segment, are they added to a new mailing list, are they building up their profile? etc.)

  4. Testing and optimization - Test your site on the fly

    Marketers can test everything and editors are even able to create tests on the fly (without needing the assistance of IT). With this testing, Sitecore 8 helps you optimize your site so you can tell what is and isn't working and then show content / promotions / images based on the test results.

Sitecore 8 allows marketers to utilize data-driven marketing without needing to know complex measurement techniques. This is all built into Sitecore and served through one interface. This means marketers don’t have to jump from one tool to another to get all the data they need to make decisions about their digital marketing campaigns. Another key benefit of having all data within one spot is that the data is all pre-connected which means marketers can maintain an on-going conversation with customers across channels and devices for a fluid customer experience.

Sitecore 8 provides the ideal platform for digital marketers to turn their website into a marketing powerhouse.

"Heart is in my hands" image courtesy of Shimelle Laine via Flickr Creative Commons
Customer Buying Circle Graph Courtesy of Sitecore