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Redesigning your Sitecore Site with Siteport

Apr 01, 2013
Alexandra Barcelona
Alexandra Barcelona

Most companies redesign their website when they find that their business has outgrown their current design. Perhaps their old site was not built with social sharing in mind and many of their customers are now primarily coming from social channels. Or maybe you want to redesign your site to better incorporate Sitecore's DMS (Digital Marketing System) and engage your customers on new levels.

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I don't have to tell you that Sitecore is the platform of choice for leading organizations due to its ease of use, flexibility, and innovation - you already know that, that's why you built your site on Sitecore. However, many organizations who have Sitecore are putting off redesigning their websites because they think they need to go through the time-intensive, costly process of migrating content in their redesign.

Whatever your reason for redesigning your site, don't let content migration be the roadblock. Siteport is an easy way to redesign your site within your current CMS. Whether you redesign part of your site, like the blogging area, or your entire site, Siteport's template mapping feature and painless content migration make the redesign process easy.

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