I know you forgot some things before launch

I know you forgot a few things before you launch:

  1. Make sure you are caching stuff that doesn't need to be retrieved from the persistence layer on each request
  2. Make sure all your objects in session are Serializable. If the production environment is clustered, you'll need to make sure everything you put in session is Serializable
  3. Optimize your JVM
  4. Optimize your web server configuration (Apache, IIS)
  5. Optimize your application server configuration
  6. Reduce all Log Levels to ERROR instead of DEBUG
  7. Make sure you have indices on all the right spots in all your queries
  8. Create your DNS entries and figure out your cutover strategy (DNS based, VIP in a router, Soft launch of a live URL, etc.)
  9. 404 and 500 Error Pages. Make sure the content is approved by the Business :) These can be important pages during a site redesign and transition!
  10. Compress response and request content
  11. <help me out and think of more things that we always forget to do>