How to select the best CMS for your organization

When your organization has little or no experience with a CMS (Content Management System), it can be overwhelming trying to select one that is best suited for your needs. At Oshyn's Tech Mornings: Content Management event, Kristine Stebbins from FILTER discusses how you can select a CMS that is best for your business.

Video Transcript

Jose Caballer, The Skool: “What can a design firm or a creative firm or a marketing department that isn’t very familiar with a lot of their systems or who is afraid of their IT department or who doesn’t necessarily understand how to articulate it or sell it. What are the things you would recommend to a person dealing with some of these problems right now, aside from calling some help”

Kristine Stebbins, Filter: “You mean calling us and we’ll help you out?"

Jose Caballer, The Skool: “Well, yes, that is a great option. In general, keep calm, roll, get under the desk…what do you recommend?”

Kristine Stebbins, Filter: “The first thing that I would recommend is just understand what do you currently have, what are your issues you are currently dealing with, and have a really thorough understanding of that and not get caught up in this is how we’ve always done it in the past and therefore we must always do it like this going forward. You have to open up your mind and think and be really curious. I think curiosity, it’s important here because I found that a lot of organizations tend to get kind of stuck in their ways in terms of this is how we’ve done content, this is how we create content, we don’t want to change anything, we don’t want to risk trying something new. And the platforms that are available to companies are powerful and amazing tools. They have incredible functionality in them. So you do have to kind of go into it with a bit of an open mind. It sounds kind of basic but really it is change. You are going to do things differently. And not just differently but better and it’s going to allow you to drive better results. It’s going to allow you to do smarter marketing. It’s going to allow you to insure that the folks on your team aren’t just pushing pixels all day long but have the ability to grow and make their jobs more interesting because there are many, many things you can automate that maybe you have teams sitting their pushing pixels doing production work and thing like that, you can automate that. So that the human capital can be really leverage to come up with new ideas, drive new product, understand new content offerings. I think that’s the key thing it’s like, understand that the technology itself is just part of the issue. The real opportunity is how you can transform your business and often times we’ve seen really successful engagements is when we are working with someone or a group of people who understand that the change agent part of it is for good. It’s not just because I’m getting, ‘oh my god, we’re going through this implementation and I’m getting dragged in kicking and screaming’ cause sometimes we see that, but it’s more about embrace the change, it’s ok. And keep an open mind and figure out how you can get all the power out of the platform for your particular part of the business. I think that’s part of the key thing.”