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How to Power Up Drupal with Performance Tuning

Jun 29, 2010
Oshyn Labs
Oshyn Labs

In Oshyn’s latest Drupal ebook, readers will learn about testing methods to evaluate how a simple virtual server will support traffic on a Drupal website and how to enhance performance through settings and server optimization.

Los Angeles, CA – June 28, 2010 – As part of Oshyn’s continuing series on how to leverage Drupal in the Enterprise, in this free ebook, “Performance Tuning Drupal”, Oshyn examines methods for improving performance of Drupal websites by tuning Drupal and server settings to deliver an optimal experience for website visitors. Oshyn has integrated many commercial and Open Source WCM solutions within large enterprise environments and leverages Drupal for many of those solutions. Oshyn helps clients select Content Management Systems based on their specific requirements such as: editor sophistication, understanding the capabilities required for content re-use, integration, personalization, ecommerce, workflows, online marketing, multilingual content, multi-device content, multi-site management, affiliate content sharing and future development plans.

Authored by Oshyn’s German Villacreces, this free ebook, “Performance Tuning Drupal”, draws from Oshyn’s extensive experience in Social Media and Content Management Systems development and integration. This Drupal Open Source CMS ebook explores:

  • Test environment, Test Site and Testing tools
  • The Virtual Server
  • Evaluating the current performance
  • Front-end Optimization
  • Use Cookie-Free Domains
  • Back-end Optimization
  • Optimizing your server
  • Tuning Apache
  • Tuning MySQL
  • Tuning PHP
  • Evaluating the performance after optimization
  • Load Test Results

The Performance Tuning Drupal ebook can be downloaded for free.

“A key differentiator of Oshyn as a Content Management System integrator is our ability to deliver WCM solutions that are truly performance enhanced,” said Diego Rebosio, Chief Executive Officer, Oshyn. “Companies frequently engage us to optimize their current CMS. Many aspects of development, architecture and configuration – if not optimized – can negatively impact the website visitor experience. At Oshyn we deploy many different CMS solutions and we deliver optimized performance for each, whether Open Source WCM or a commercial CMS solution.”

Oshyn recently released a related ebook highlighting the pros and cons of choosing an Open Source CMS/WCM and several other Drupal ebooks:

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