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Enterprise Sitecore: Continuous Integration and Configuration Management

Jun 25, 2012

Oshyn employs a rigorous test-driven development process and continuous integration that allows development to be done with greater transparency, greater efficiency and greater predictability. This diagram describes the Oshyn Sitecore Development & Configuration Management Methodology.

The process is as follows:
1. Unit tests created using NUnit in Visual Studio IDE
2. Code written in Visual Studio
3. Code tested
4. Code checked to Subversion
5. Ad Hoc deployment to Development site (on Developer’s desktop) to see working templates and code
6. Hourly release to Integration site
7. Developer notified by CruiseControl.NET of any build errors related to their code
8. Content released from the CMS
9. Code deployed to QA site and tested
10. Code deployed to Staging Site and verified
11. Code deployed to Production

The software employed for this stack is:

This architecture is partially based on Eldblom @ Molten Core's work here

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