A Message from Oshyn's CEO on COVID-19

Dear Oshyn Clients, Prospects, Vendors, Employees, and Partners:

I wanted to write a brief, to-the-point message about COVID-19, our preparedness for the pandemic, and our views regarding the effect this will have on our operations. I hope you find this message brief and informative.

In mid-February, it was becoming apparent that the virus was likely to have a major impact on our daily lives. As such, we drafted a plan and policy for COVID-19, which we rolled out to employees in the later part of February. We briefed employees and advised them to take the situation seriously. This included:

  • Preparing for what could become a long period of working from home and to ensure that people had the appropriate setup to get their work done in the event that the pandemic would disrupt business operations.
  • Immediately minimizing physical proximity within the office, minimizing business travel, and maximizing opportunities for sanitation.
  • Posting prevention flyers from the CDC and the WHO in common areas of our offices for people to review (hand washing, etc.).
  • Requiring and allowing all employees to work from home if anyone in their household is sick. Allowing all employees to work from home as a personal choice.

Since the pandemic has grown, we have seen that our employees were ready for the new state of affairs, and work has not stopped or slowed down for us. We have been able to continue operations in a smooth manner with no measurable impact to our business.

We have reviewed our current health insurance, time-off, and disability benefits, and we believe that they are adequate for the current state of affairs and provide an adequate safety net should any of our employees end up becoming ill or otherwise affected as a result of the pandemic.

As we proceed with this crisis, we are blessed to have a solid book of business and that means that we don’t foresee our business operations slowing down in any way in the short or mid-term.

I hope that you find this message informative and we thank you for being a part of our ecosystem. I personally wish you and your families the best of luck through these difficult times.

Stay healthy,
Diego F. Rebosio, CEO of Oshyn