What is a CMS and why do I need one?

What Is a CMS? A Short Video on the Virtual Marketing Department

Oct 06, 2016
Oshyn Labs
Oshyn Labs

Watch our short, fun video below on why a CMS is like a virtual marketing department for you website, with you at the helm.


I don’t know HTML, but I do know that my CMS helps my SEO by putting tags into the code for me, preparing a sitemap for me, and even facilitating my 301 redirects. And when I’m sending out newsletters, sales promotions, and blog updates, my CMS helps me create beautiful, responsive emails that I can send to specific target groups at set times…and then track the success of each campaign. My CMS even helps my company make sure our customers see exactly what they’re looking for, tracking their behavior, and populating certain areas of our site with personalized content that caters to their needs, interests, and timing. So, the amount of analytics I can gather is pretty impressive. It helps me out of the dark and lets me know how we’re doing in all aspects of site engagement. With all of this working for you, it’s like having your own virtual department inside your website—or what we call a CMS platform. Gone are the days of needing to get a developer to make every little update or run a new campaign. Be empowered. Get a CMS…from Sitecore to Episerver to Hippo.

Oshyn helps you set up CMS platforms so that you can get the support you need without the reoccurring cost.

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