CMS Training for Marketing vs Technology

There are lots of CMS vendors that come and pitch their product to the marketing and technology teams in an organization. If their product fits the organization's needs, the organization incorporates the product and starts implementing it. But no organization will know what the BEST PRACTICES are to implement a new CMS and that's where Oshyn steps in. Oshyn partners with the organization and the CMS vendors and develops an understanding of the business and technical requirements and implements the solution using best practices and years of CMS implementation experience.

But again, this only guarantees partial success. A Complete and Successful solution is delivered when the business, marketing and technology teams in an organization come together and incorporate the CMS whole-heartedly into the organization. This only happens when the teams are trained to use the CMS solution in the best possible manner. IT needs to be trained on the administration of the CMS and how it all works together internally and Business and Marketing needs to be trained on day-to-day operations such as changing content, workflow processes and publishing and has a lot to do with the usability of the CMS.

Contrary to popular belief, training business users is always more challenging than training technical users. Business users focus more on Usability and Usability is specific to a set of users who are used to working in a certain way. Most likely, it is the same way they used to work in their old solution and want to maintain the same process flow. So we approach training from a different perspective. We incorporate the usability aspect into the training by recognizing early on the content elements that will be changed frequently and implement the solution accordingly. And while training, we allow Content Authors to suggests further improvements and we make continuous and instantaneous revisions to make it even more effective for them in their daily processes. This can only be possible if you take usability seriously from the beginning and design your system with this in mind.

Training is a very integral part and a key to organization wide acceptance of a CMS solution. No Unit can be neglected and all units have to be trained specific to their requirements. This guarantees a complete and successful implementation of any CMS.

We have implemented many CMS solutions and provided CMS training to many of our clients including Websense, National Education Association, NEAMB, and others.