Carmichael International Service Launches iClass

Friday, May 06, 2005 - Carmichael International Service launches iClass, a state-of-the-art web-based classification / product database tool and commercial invoice processing system.

Today, Oshyn announced the launch of another successful Enterprise System for Carmichael International Service. iClass has been designed to improve product classification and invoice processing for Carmichael staff to clear shipments through US Customs for their clients. It allows Carmichael Classifiers to create customized Product templates with user-defined fields for each clients' unique product lines. Upon entering clients' commercial invoice information, the system automatically retrieves classification information and is automatically uploaded for Customs clearance processing.

iClass allows for the utmost flexibility in creating a clients' classification database and insures that all data elements are included for classification purposes. The system will be accessible through Carmichael's Intranet and provides Carmichael's staff a centralized portal to view and update clients' product/classification information.

Carmichael International Service embark on the creation of this system with several distinct goals in mind;

  • To achieve greater operational efficiency by reducing the turn-around time to clear shipments
  • To improve accuracy and compliance with all Customs related laws and regulations
  • To improve the quality of their service
  • To maintain historical record of institutional knowledge and intellectual capital and to share that knowledge across organization
  • To gain a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace

The following are some of the key components of iClass:

  • Web-based product database, classification management and invoice processing system
  • Flexible, user-defined product and classification database utilizing customized product templates that optimizes the classification process allowing for more accurate and consistent product classifications
  • Clients have complete online access to the system to directly view and maintain their product information
  • Communication module that allows clients to receive email on specific product questions and enabling online updates to the database, as well as online replies to questions
  • Product images and attachments can be directly uploaded through the email feature
  • XML & Web Services enabled to exchange data and information with any of the Clients and US Government agencies systems
  • Seamless interfaces to other Carmichael back-end applications

Carmichael management is excited to launch this strategic platform due to the significant benefits these applications will provide for the internal operations and clients alike.

Carmichael President and CIO, Vince Salvo, says "The new system Oshyn has put in place for us gives us the ability to collaborate more efficiently and effectively with our clients, adding value to the service offering and securing our relationship with our customers for the long term. Our clients have been asking for this and we've committed ourselves to being the leading provider of technology and service for the Customs brokerage industry. This system will set up apart from our competitors and we will continue to leverage this to maintain our leadership position in the industry".

Along with their popular "Tracking System"? which was previously developed and implemented by Oshyn, iClass provides the foundation for their future Web-based/Internet initiatives.

Carmichael clients have demanded the use of web technology and Carmichael has made the commitment to continue providing state-of-the-art applications and systems to insure their place in their clients' supply chains.

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