Add advanced marketing features to your site with Sitecore DMS

You've implemented Sitecore and have used it enough to feel comfortable with the platform. You're ready to give your site the advanced marketing features offered by Sitecore DMS (Digital Marketing System), but you're unsure of how to take that next step. We've noticed a trend of clients who have successfully implemented Sitecore, whether with their own internal development team or a partner vendor, and are ready to take advantage of DMS but are hitting the same roadblock - "How do I integrate DMS into my Sitecore site?"

At Oshyn, we've worked on multiple development projects with DMS, from large implementations of Sitecore and its Digital Marketing System product to smaller DMS-specific integration projects. Our knowledge and experience with this marketing product helped us get onto Sitecore's exclusive CEP Specialized Partner list. We've also used our understanding of how it works to write a blog series about Sitecore's Digital Marketing System:

Sitecore Digital Marketing System - Part 1: Creating personalized, custom content for site visitors
This post shows you how to display different content modules to your site visitors based on their profile attributes, like age, gender, number of achievements within the site, etc.

Sitecore Digital Marketing System - Part 2: Creating conditions to compare custom values
In part two of this series, we show you how to add code to your DMS implementation to create conditions that compare integers, dates, and custom values.

What has your experience been like with DMS? Let us know in the comments below.