2015 Brings New Leaders to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for WCM

This year's Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM proved to be quite different from previous years. With many platforms making a leap into the leadership category and the debut of an open source Java platform, this year's Magic Quadrant showcases the strides many platforms have taken to stay relevant and innovative.

2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM

Gartner ranks WCM platforms on completeness of vision - meaning a vendor’s potential as well as an indication of future chances of success. They are also ranked on how well a vendor sells and supports its WCM products and services.


This was an exciting year for Sitecore. We were happy to see them once again ranked as a leader in the Magic Quadrant (for the sixth year in a row!). This year, because of their "ability to execute", Sitecore was put at the top of the leaders quadrant. We've seen this platform grow significantly in the past few years and completely agree with Gartner's ranking as a leader and feel confident when recommending Sitecore as a platform to our clients.


Adobe continues to be a leader in the market as shown in this year's Magic Quadrant. Having "one of the richest sets of WCM capabilities" is one of the main reasons Adobe continues to rank well among analysts and users. Gartner also mentions in the report that "Adobe's overall product direction reflects a deep understanding of all the important trends of WCM. It also reflects a similar level of understanding of important adjacent markets, such as DAM, digital commerce and multichannel campaign management."

EPiServer (Ektron)

This has been quite a year for EPiServer. With the EPiServer / Ektron merger announced earlier this year, the newly combined company went from the challenger quadrant to leader quadrant this year. Gartner believes that the "EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud makes clever use of the cloud’s scalable and flexible qualities" and that it "strengthens EPiServer’s appeal to the midmarket." Seeing as growth is expected to grow significantly in this market, this is a major advantage for EPiServer and one of the reasons we are proud to be a partner of this innovative platform.


One of Oshyn's newest partners, Hippo, made its debut in the Gartner Magic Quadrant this year in the niche players category. Hippo is the only java-based, open source CMS to make an appearance in the quadrant and was noticed because of its "combination of enterprise-level capabilities on top of the standards-based, well-designed Java Content Repository (Apache Jackrabbit)" which "provides a solid and attractive basis for Hippo's offering."

We were pleased to see our partner companies ranked so well in this year's Magic Quadrant. These industry backings reiterate what we already know to be true through our experience with these innovative companies.