13 Things to Ask a Potential CMS Implementation Partner

Finding your perfect implementation partner is a serious business. You are committing sizable time and resources to a project that will greatly impact your company's future. Like any relationship between individuals, it is one built off of trust and communication. Therefore, we have compiled a list of questions you should ask a prospective partner to determine if, together, you are the right fit for a successful project.

  1. How well do you know this CMS and its associated software? How long have you worked with it? What is your partner status?
  2. Is this CMS as easy to use as the software vendor says?
  3. Will I be talking to and working with the same team throughout this process? How often will these people communicate with me?
  4. Which team member will understand my business objectives and digital marketing goals, and ensure the solution meets these needs?
  5. What are your estimates for the timeline and the use of resources for this project, and have you done projects that compare in this way?
  6. For migration, what is your general strategy? Has your company considering using automated migration software?
  7. How many project hours do you estimate, and what will that include?
  8. Beyond your developers, how well does your design/UX team understand the capabilities of the CMS?
  9. Transparency is very important to me. How frequently do i get to see the progress?
  10. During the project, how will you handle unexpected changes in business needs or implementation challenges?
  11. Do you provide training to our staff? How does that work?
  12. What can I expect from your team if i need help after the project is completed?
  13. This new system has empowered me with many new capabilities. Can you help me optimize these features so that i may better achieve my business goals?