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10-Week Sitecore Marketing Accelerator

The benefits of Sitecore’s powerful marketing features aren’t always fully realized. Over 10 weeks we define and configure your setup to enable personalization, testing, visitor value measurement, and more.

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Marketing Accelerator Includes:


Examination of your setup


We start every engagement with an examination of your setup along with a review of your business goals.

We define how your system should work


We collaborate with you to define Engagement Value (EV) scale, Marketing taxonomy, Profiles, Personas, Patterns, etc.

Configure Sitecore


We set up and configure the required Sitecore items, and ensure your team understands the setup in order to be self-sufficient going forward.



For Agencies:

Strategic Value icon

Provide strategic value

Helping your clients utilize Sitecore’s advanced features increases the value of your relationship.

Campaign Performance icon

Increase campaign performance

Leveraging advanced marketing features in Sitecore can improve the results of your campaigns.

User Experience icon

Deliver a better experience

The data, analytics, and capabilities are invaluable for creating tailored experiences that resonate with users.

For Brands:

Increased ROI icon

Increased ROI

Utilizing the advanced marketing features in Sitecore increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and drives better results.

User Data icon

User-level data

Unlock the visitor data available in Sitecore to enable advanced optimization, personalization, testing, and more.

Insights and Intelligence icon

Deeper insight & intelligence

Analyze the value of visitor paths through content and channels—and gain the data required to train machine learning, predictive analytics, and customer segmentation.

Step Up To Sitecore Marketing Success


In just 10 weeks, we work through the key marketing components in Sitecore and get your team up and running.

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