Personalized Content

Curate content as diverse as your customers, for your customers.

People prefer personalized content. With the overwhelming amount of information people are exposed to, personalization helps people to fast-track to the content that is most relevant to them. It's a win-win situation for you and the people you want to engage.  

While some software demos would have you believe that populating your platform with content personalized for the user is a simple process, the reality is that setting it up in the back-end can be complicated. To be effective, personalization needs to be strategic, valuable, and consistently delivered across channels. Our developers and marketers are pros at implementing personalization by understanding how people use different devices and interfaces and how people expect to interact with content.  

We’ll make sure you can readily improve your personalization program. People are difficult to predict. Every personalization program launches based on data, research, opinion and hypotheses. But once your unique plan is deployed, your software will begin to build customer profiles and collect analytics and conversion data. This information will help you to continually optimize existing personalized content and improve planning for future content and campaigns. 

We build personalization capabilities in content management systems (CMS) and digital marketing platforms which empower marketers to easily manage and optimize personalization across all channels.

Vicki Bettger-Marte
User Experience Strategy

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