Integrate Your World with the Hyperreal.

Technology movements often emerge in waves. In terms of big waves, first was the personal computer, then the Internet, then mobile computing. It is now the beginning of time for mixed reality.

Pure-breed virtual reality (VR) will have its limited time for a handful of short years, but will inevitably be taken-over by mixed reality (MR) as the benefits of MR are sizable. It’s also possible, perhaps even likely, that the term virtual reality will eventually come to mean mixed-reality. But for the time being, these are slightly different. Beyond the benefits provided by VR, mixed reality is aware of your environment and interacts with it. Virtual objects don’t just show up in mid-space and the devices don’t block-out your entire field of vision. Items are instead placed on physical walls, tables, or other real-world artifacts. They augment your reality the way augmented reality (AR) does, but with actual awareness of the location of real-world objects and are made to extend your world, not replace it.

The game industry will benefit from both VR and MR and create next generation blockbusters as the devices become mainstream. The potential of MR, however, extends far beyond games. True benefits are at the very core of what technology provides to us and in how it improves our productivity.  Initially, the first round of applications to be created are the ones that provide obvious benefits to users in terms of how easily certain tasks are performed.

Roboraid is one of the initial Microsoft HoloLens games that can be downloaded for free.

Think, for example, of how much easier it will be for you to plan-out your home remodeling project when you can put on a set of glasses that let you see what your new kitchen will look like while you are IN your kitchen. Imagine how easily you will be able to place your order when every piece of material that you need for that kitchen is automatically added to your shopping cart. Think of how much safer it will be to drive, when the signs for turning left or right are placed on the actual pavement. Think of how much easier it will be to reply to that text message while holding groceries. This is where our world is going.

Microsoft HoloLens is the first to launch amongst a handful of mixed reality platforms including Magic Leap ( www.magicleap.com) and Meta ( www.metavision.com). We believe within 12-18 months, most major VR manufacturers (Facebook, Samsung, Google, Sony) as well as Apple will follow suit in terms of adding mixed reality to their offerings). As a Wave 1 developer for Microsoft HoloLens, Oshyn has been working on the platform since April, 2016.

How can the HoloLens enhance your company’s business strategy? Maybe you can follow NASA’s lead and go as far as turning the floor of your office into the surface of Mars - a surface you can walk around, explore, and study.

Or you can follow Lowes’ lead and give one to a customer to wear in an empty room, and let the customer give the room a wall of cabinets and a set of appliances, all complete with hovering product description bubbles, and allow the individual to toggle between different models, colors, and styles to visualize his or her new kitchen.

You can follow Volvo’s lead, and use it to build and take apart a virtual car to see how its parts will work together.

You can follow Case Western Reserve University’s lead and use it to allow your students to virtually explore deep anatomy, in 3-D and larger than life. 

Or you can follow Trimble’s lead and use it to present 3D renderings of future buildings on your conference table.

As Microsoft explains, when you change the way you see your world, you can change the world you see. Want to hear ideas for how the HoloLens can change the way your company sees the world and does business? Contact us to set up a time to chat.

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