Campaign Management

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Multi-Channel Campaign Management

Can you quickly update and optimize your digital campaigns with actionable data from different touchpoints? Marketers need to manage digital campaigns quickly and in real-time. Too often companies ask for all of the digital marketing tools available in their new CMS to be implemented. Unfortunately, doing so often creates convoluted experiences for marketers. It’s crucial that when you invest in a new digital marketing platform, that it's built to last and easy to use. This means that first we need to understand your business, your digital touchpoints, and processes to build a platform that resonates with your marketers so it becomes a tool instead of a hindrance. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation simplifies management of marketing across multi-channels by enabling marketers to deliver interactions triggered by visitor behaviors. Many Marketing Automation projects fail because the sophisticated software was viewed as the solution instead of a foundation. We know that Marketing Automation can only be successfully deployed if we use journey mapping to analyze and predict which behaviors, at which times, should trigger which actions. And to simplify the complexity of Marketing Automation we customize the CMS or digital marketing suite, to improve the business user experience. 

Cross-Channel Optimization

Even though we’re in the midst of the digital revolution, only a minority of marketers feel they’re able to provide beyond basic digital experiences. It's easy to understand why; the channels we use and how we use them are rapidly changing. The tools and skills required to create connected cross-channel user experiences are new and quickly evolving. When companies begin to have a serious focus on optimizing cross-channel experiences, they are often beginning to transform how they do business. Digital transformation is at the core of who we are, from the start we have helped companies use technology to transform how they do business.

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