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zune arts net gets better stronger faster

Nov 12, 2007
Oshyn Labs
Oshyn Labs

Redmond, WA - November 12, 2007

Core Facts started out as a simple animated short set to a haunting Regina Spektor song about two men, a Bunny, and the timeless themes of friendship and sharing, inspired by the social features of the original Zune media player. Today, one year and nearly three dozen artist collaborations later, Zune Arts is a full-fledged program with participation by some of the world’s best known and emerging artists and even formal praise from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. But as the program’s ambitions and catalog of artwork grew, so did its need for a new gallery. Welcome to the new While maintaining the original gallery’s minimalist presentation, new features make it easier to explore the program, its artists, and their varied works of art. Among other things, visitors can: • Find artwork by favorite artists and musicians faster • Get the inside scoop on Zune Arts films, artists, competitions, events and more • Get up-to-the-minute Zune Arts news delivered directly to almost any homepage, browser or blog via RSS • Voice opinions on the artwork through comment boards (coming in December) • Access exclusive content, events, programs, competitions and the Zune Arts newsletter when signed up to be a Zune Arts Insider (coming in December) • Share favorite Zune Arts artwork with friends or embed films to any blog or homepage • Control how to watch the films. Streaming = bad. Control = good. The site has also been expanded to accommodate upcoming new projects including a graphic novel, a line of paper toys, and work by surprising new artists working in surprising new mediums. Also coming soon: the first-ever Zune Arts Emerging Artist Competition where aspiring artists and their filmmaking skills get a shot at being the next big thing. To explore the new Zune Arts site, visit For more information, contact


Concept and Design: 72andSunny / Los Angeles, CA Production: Tree-Axis, Oshyn For full credits contact Zune Arts Press Contact below.


“The new is about creating more energy around, and interaction with, emerging artists and their artwork. A chunkier back-end and richer front-end not only make it easier to tour the gallery, voice your opinions, and get the latest on zune arts projects, but it also lets us host some new kinds of collaborations, including a new graphic novel and an emerging artists competition. Three cheers for Content Management Systems!”
Glenn Cole, Creative Director, 72andSunny

“Zune Arts represents our passion and dedication to the creative voice and helping artists reach new audiences.”
Robert Schaltenbrand, Marketing Manager, Zune

“The new site is an expression of this commitment and a linchpin of what we see as an ever-evolving work-in-progress program.”
Robert Schaltenbrand, Marketing Manager, Zune

Boilerplate Statements

Zune Arts is a place where emerging artists collaborate on inspiring works of art; where sharing, connection, discovery and friendship is celebrated; a place that’s continuously growing, ever evolving and always open to new voices, influences and ideas.

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Keri Robinson
Zune Arts - Public Relations

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