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RedDot 9 CMS Dot Net PageBuilder

Jun 21, 2011

Looking to upgrade to RedDot 9? Latest Service Pack (1) for RedDot CMS 9 includes the PageBuilder rewrite in .NET that is part of the RedDot 10 product!

From the RedDot 9 SP1 Release Notes:

The following major features are new in this version:

The core page delivery and publishing engine component (PageBuilder) has been migrated to .NET. It allows multithreaded processing of publishing jobs and enhances the system performance of all core page building processes.

This is good because a number of our clients have needed the performance improvement that the .NET PageBuilder provides in RedDot 10, but were unsure about upgrading to the new UI of RedDot b/c of the need to retest and possibly retrain content editors.  This gives us a way to get the performance improvements without incurring the overhead of retraining and (hopefully) lowering the retesting effort for plugins and templates.

Upgrading is similar to all RedDot patches:
1. Download SP1 from OpenText Knowledge Center
2. Install SP1 (you must have the RedDotUser password)
3. Server restarts after installation
4. Login to Admin screens, goto ServerManager, “Update Database” for each project
5. Edit Lock to “Unrestricted Lock” for each project
6. Test everything to see if it still works

Steps 2-5 took about 2.5 hours.

Good News on the RedDot CMS performance front!

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