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Live server Performance tuning strategies

Aug 03, 2009
Gaurav Bhatt
Gaurav Bhatt

I've heard many people complain about performance of LiveServer. LiveServer by itself is a really good tool but needs to be used carefully in conjunction with the CMS. The configurations and othersettings have to be optimized to get the most out of it. Our team has extensive  experience integrating CMS with LiveServer and we have come up with myriad ways of tuning the engine to generate the best performance out of the system.

There are several possible ways of optimizing LiveServer and I'll lista few easy to fix suggestions here for those of you who want an immediate effect on performance.

1. Always make sure the Connection string is configured with appropriate values. They shouldnt be too high or too low.
2. Check for LiveServer log levels. These go beyond control for big sites and always have to be monitored.
3. Always enable LiveServer caching across all files and URLs in the project and set appropriate default values based upon your environment setup.
4. Focus on improving the folder structure for better SEO and effective navigation.
5. Perform JVM Tuning. All JVM parameters must be modified in this file: "rdesetenv.bat"
    a. Add to JAVA_OPTS �-server�, server hotspot is designed to get the best performance out of long running processes.
    ... (details to follow in the white paper I'm writing)
6. Perform Tomcat tuning like:
    a. On Tomcat �� file remove duplicate logging setting �.handlers =� and remove other values
    b. On server.xml verify connector property �enableLookups� value to "false" to disable DNS lookups
and their resulting delays
...(details to follow in the white paper I'm writing).

These are just some of the easy fixes you can perform to get your LiveServer working more effectively. I'm currently writing a white paper on this topic and will have more details about each of the points mentioned above and several more suggestions to improve performance of the CMS and LiveServer with Verity engine.

Till then, Enjoy messing with LiveServer ;)

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