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Jahia v6.1: New features for Social Media & SEO

Nov 09, 2011
Carlos Araujo
Carlos Araujo

Jahia Enterprise WCMS, has launched its new version 6.1.

This version incorporates very interesting features from any point of view; either as developer or user.

Since I knew the product was launched, I registered for the live webinar Jahia offered last Tuesday. In the webinar they presented new functionalities and demonstrated some samples of how it looks and works.

From user / business perspective the Jahia system now:

  • Leverages Search efficiency, speed and accuracy
  • Has a universal web access to multiple company content sources
  • Increases return on your marketing campaigns with intelligent, automated "friendly URL" generation method
  • Creates engaging websites to better interact with your target audience

From a developer perspective, the new version gives us the opportunity to offer out of the box:

  • “Did you mean?” feature for search engine
  • Search that incorporates search for documents in the document manager space of the CMS
  • Semantic Search
  • SEO techniques
  • Friendly URLs. Vanity URLs
  • Jahia Link Checker to extend internal integrity checks to detect all external broken or invalid links
  • Social modules: blogs, newsletter, form builder

Key improvements are search mechanism, enhanced SEO techniques and new social modules.

Also the presenter, Tarek Elachkar, showed us that Jahia 6.1 comes with a new editing tool that every content editor loves. It lets text be edited by content holders just by navigating through the site, this tool’s name is In Context, or also known as in site editing.

Also we were able to see the new workflow dashboard the system has, and a new built in feature, support for Google Analytics. Also the system now supports renderization for mobile phones like Apple’s phone the iPhone.

Something that it was long waited and now the system incorporates is the “Did you mean?” feature for the search module. Now if the user misspells or enters a typo, the system recognizes it and presents the option of the word well written. Also this new search system let the owner of the CMS expose file through the Document Manager, and the site user is able to see those files through a search he/she makes.

At an SEO level, the system now allows the creation of vanity URLs among the already built in friendly URLs. Using these types of URLs, the editor is able to determine and select which are the different types of URLs and select which is the default one. These feature let the editor be in control of the entire URL except for the domain; using this allows the control of 301 redirects and legacy URLs.

In social media modules the blog is a very interesting and cool feature that is easy to add and control via the Jahia system. The customizable look and feel, captcha forms for comments, edit or create new posts or content without going to edit mode are tools that come along with the blog platform. The blogs and posts have everything a top blog needs; tag clouds, archive links, categorization, tags among others.

The Newsletter framework is another interesting feature and it helps to improve customer experience in the site. Now from within the site the editor is able to create newsletters, add news, edit it and send it to a list of customers. The user is able to opt in to the newsletter list and automatically he will be added to the recipients list. Something to point out here is that probably a future Jahia release will have a tracking system for the newsletter function. For now it would have to be implemented separately.

Form generator template is another nice feature, now the system lets us create forms, select their workflow structure if needed and it now lets us create forms using captcha - the entire captcha functionality is managed by Jahia system.

This post was created by Carlos Araujo, Oshyn Inc employee. The Jahia Webinar title is New release Jahia EEv6.1 live presentation presented on 11 May 2010 by Tarek Elachkar.
Images were taken from Jahia webinar presentation.

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