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How to know if Pinterest is right for your brand

Jul 26, 2012
Alexandra Barcelona
Alexandra Barcelona

For those of you who are still unsure, Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that allows you to “organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” What does this mean exactly? I must admit, when I first got an invite and signed up for the site, I didn’t really get it. What are boards? Who do I follow? What do I do when I’m on the site?

Once I started using Pinterest for a bit, I finally started to ‘get it’. I think it, like most social media platforms, is something that you have to just get in and try. I recommend setting up your own personal account and playing around with it – trust me, you’re not going to break anything.

When using Pinterest for your brand, you should keep in mind that Pinterest is an image-based social platform. If you’re company does not have a lot of images, you’re going to have to do some legwork to find images that relate to your brand/industry.

A few tips

  • Like all social network platforms, Pinterest is not for pushing your data to users. Yes, you can pin images of your products (and you should) but make sure that you also include images that are from other sources as well. Perhaps you have a board that has inspirational quotes that you think your customers would enjoy or maybe you post comics relating to your field. Just make sure you have at least one (ideally more than one) board for your brand that posts things other than brand-only material.

    Mashable's Pinterest profile shows a variety of social media, technology, mobile and other boards.

  • Social is about engagement and interaction. To do this on Pinterest, you can allow others to post images to your boards. This may mean a little extra moderation on your end, but it also allows your customers to be a part of your brand community, which they will appreciate.
  • Let your boards show your brand personality. Maybe a big part of your brand culture is giving back to the community. Have a board for community service and pin ways for people to get involved.
  • Pinterest isn’t for selling. Yes, Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your site, but it should not be used to promote product pricing and details. Save that for a landing page or product page on your site and use Pinterest to display your product in all its glory (this may mean investing in some professional photos of your product).

So is Pinterest right for my brand?

To determine if Pinterest is right for your brand, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  1. Are my customers using Pinterest? If not, why would you create a page?
  2. Do I have enough images/industry images to create engaging boards that people would want to follow?
  3. Do I have enough time to invest in Pinterest? This is another social platform that will demand more of your time. I wouldn’t use this as the sole factor in determining whether to invest in creating a page, but it should be considered.

Check out other brands’ profiles to see how they’ve utilized the platform as they may inspire you on what you could do for your brand using Pinterest.

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