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Facebook Marketing 101 - Part 1: Setting up your business page the right way

Aug 29, 2012
Alexandra Barcelona
Alexandra Barcelona

Though Timeline has been around for awhile now, many brands are still not taking full advantage of the many cool features it offers. Take a look through these simple set ups to make sure that your brand’s page can catch and keep visitors’ attention.

Let’s start from the top: Cover photo
Facebook’s new Timeline layout lets brands upload a large image to the top of their page. This image is the first representation of your brand visitors will see, so make it a good one. This means the photo should be appealing and should accurately portray your brand. Is your brand made up of stock photo models? If so, go ahead and use a stock photo, if not, use an image of actual people who work for your company. You could also use a cool product photo. Put a little thought into your cover photo and if you need to, spend a little money. Have a professional photographer take some shots of your employees, products and/or office (if you have a cool office). Plus, you’ll be able to use these photos for other marketing material, so it’s a pretty good investment.

Starbucks is a good example of how to use a product photo as your cover photo:

Ford incorporates employees into their cover photo (notice no stock photo models!):

Next on your page, your profile picture
If you’re a brand, it should be pretty easy to come up with a profile picture — 9 times out of 10 it should be your company logo. If you have a character or mascot that somehow represents your brand better than your logo, you can use that, but most brands use their logo.

Make sure it’s a good, high-res image and that it isn’t too cluttered as it will be much smaller when it appears next to all the posts you make. You may also want to consider incorporating your logo into your overall cover photo, but if you’re going to do this, it’s best to hire a professional to make sure it looks cohesive.

Smirnoff' US's profile picture is designed to fit in with their cover photo:

Fill out your ‘About’ section
The ‘About’ section is the small paragraph under your profile picture. This is where you should sum up your brand in a sentence or two to give new visitors who may not know who you are or what you do a general understanding of your business.  You have about 165 characters to do this, use them wisely!

This is also a great section to put a link to your main website so users don't have to dig through your page to find it.

Timeline Apps
Where Facebook used to have tabs, they now have apps. These are the boxes that show below your cover photo, next to your ‘About’ box. All pages have a default of ‘Photos’ for the first box; however, Facebook allows you to choose up to three other apps you’d like to display.

This is a great place to highlight events or promotions or other ways for visitors to connect with your brand.

Here, Michigan's tourism campaign, Pure Michigan, highlights other ways for visitors to follow the brand via its Facebook page apps:

Now that you have your page set up for success, make sure to keep an eye out for Part 2 of Facebook Marketing 101: How to use Facebook to market your brand.

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