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Enterprise Drupal: PDF, Print & Email versions

Nov 09, 2011
Francisco Alvarez
Francisco Alvarez

Enterprise Drupal: PDF, Print & Email versions

Using: Printer, e-mail and PDF versions (Drupal community module)
Want to create PDF, Print or Email versions of your page on Drupal? Then read the following post that contains a simple guide for quick printing of your web page.

This Drupal community module allows you to generate three page variants

  • Printer-friendly version (web page format)
  • PDF version
  • Send by-email

In this post we're going to explain a little more about the print functionality.

Installing the module

To install the Print module, first you have to download it from the module's page.

Once you've downloaded the module you'll have to decompress it on your Drupal modules directory

Ok, now you are ready to enable the module, so log in as admin and go to "Administer > Site building > Modules (admin/build/modules)". Look for the module, it's name is Printer, e-mail and PDF versions, and just go ahead and enable the Printer-frindly pages component by checking the box and saving the configuration.

You will also need to enable the user permissions from "Administer > User > Permissions (admin/user/permissions)".


When you are done with the installation you can change many settings for this module, we'll talk about the most important ones.

First go to Site configuration and select the Printer, e-mail and PDF versions module (admin/settings/print).

The following are important configurations that you can change on the module:

  • Printer-friendly page link: You can select where to put the link to your printer friendly version. On the "Links area", on the upper right corner of your "Content" area or unselect both to insert the link manually wherever you want later on.
  • Link style: Here you can choose between showing "Text only", "Icon only" or "Icon and Text" on your link.
  • Link visibility: Allows you to set the pages where you would like to show this link. You could "Show on every page except the listed pages", "Show on only the listed pages" or "Show if the following PHP code returns TRUE (PHP-mode, experts only)"
  • Other advanced link options: Here you can set if you would like your printer friendly version on a new window, send it directly to your printer and close the printer friendly version window after sending to printer.
  • Link text: Customize the text displayed on the link. To access this setting you'll have to go to the next tab from the top of the page, clicking on "Text strings".
  • Additional Settings: Don't forget to check the Settings tab at the very top of the page where you can set other options, mainly concerning the print version display (show/hide logo, footer, etc.).

Placing your own link

To add a customized link to your page you'll have to create a custom content and insert the html that you want with "/print/nid" as the target of your anchor (don't forget to disable the "Printer-friendly page link" checkboxes).

Here's an example that we used on one of our projects:

<span class="print_html">
<a href="/print/my-page/alerts" target="_blank">Print report »</a>

For more information visit the module's page.

Check out Oshyn's white paper on Drupal Multisite Installation.

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