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Bet-the-Company Marketing Mentality

Jul 06, 2009
Oshyn Labs
Oshyn Labs

The way we conduct business has been changing faster than ever before.

Uncharted territory.

Marketing people are definitely feeling the pressure as we embrace new forms of marketing amidst the chaos that the news networks constantly remind us of. Yes. Let's watch less news and spend more time strategizing. But how? Well according to an article from AdAge's CMO Strategy,  we need to think/strategize/execute like start-ups. Instead of doing what we have relied upon traditionally we need to ask ourselves is this really the best avenue?

As David Ellis says, "The sooner you face the reality that you're going to need to innovate your way out of this mess, the faster you will capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead."

Then you might want to check out Guy Kawasaki's website Garage for more info about start-ups:

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