How to implement Sitecore's DMS into your website successfully

Aug 12, 2013
Alexandra Barcelona

One of the most compelling reasons to implement Sitecore as your website's CMS is its Digital Marketing System (DMS). With DMS, you can add custom, dynamic personalization into your site, increasing engagement and ROI. With all these amazing features, DMS can get a little overwhelming for customers to implement. This is why Oshyn created our Sitecore DMS Strategy Workbook - A tactical guide to your DMS implementation.

This workbook gives an explanation of each aspect of DMS you need to create for your site in order to have a successful implementation. You'll also get sample charts that you can recreate in Excel or a Wiki that everyone in your team will be able to see and update. The strategy and planning of DMS should be created as a living document because there's a good chance you'll be making several changes along the way. Also, you'll want to make sure everyone from your Marketing, IT and Business teams can edit them as this workbook is meant to be used jointly by all teams.

By breaking down DMS into consumable parts, you'll be able to plan out your strategy in a way that will make sense for your users and will alleviate confusion from your internal team.

Visit to learn more about Oshyn's DMS capabilities and to download your free copy of Oshyn's Sitecore DMS Strategy Workbook.