Can you do CXM with RedDot?

Feb 25, 2013
Alexandra Barcelona

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is a holistic way of thinking about how your customers digitally interact with your brand. Some customers may look to your brand's Twitter account for customer service questions but visit your website for product information. The main driver behind CXM is that customers receive a consistent brand experience, regardless of which channel they use. To make a customer's experience with your brand fluid on all digital channels, many businesses are using their content management system's (CMS) advanced CXM features, like profiles, personalization and marketing automation.

However, marketers and business owners using the RedDot platform are frustrated with its lack of rich personalization, multivariate testing, profile scoring, analytics, social integration, and other CXM capabilities. They see their competitors using other more robust and flexible CMS platforms that make it easy for them to enhance their customers' experiences with their brands.

RedDot users are ready to move their site to a new platform; however, they are hesitant to switch to a new CMS due to the high costs and time consuming nature of a CMS migration. Siteport makes it easy to move your site off a legacy CMS, like RedDot, and onto a more powerful and dynamic platform that allows you to take advantage of advanced CXM features.

See how easy it is to migrate all of your site's content off of RedDot and into your new CMS: