The new Myspace - An overview of the new design and functionality

Dec 13, 2012
Alexandra Barcelona

When Myspace announced their redesign back in September, I signed up for my invite and was delighted to see that I finally got my invite today. I had a Myspace page back in the days before Facebook became mainstream and I remember emailing the Myspace team not too long ago to have them disable my account because I no longer had access to the email I created the account with, it was that old. I must say, I was anxious to see what the new Myspace had to offer.

Since this is a total redesign, everyone has to go through and sign up again (which is great for those of you who may have set up your accounts years ago when you were in high school and whose tastes may have changed a little since then).  I’ll give you a heads up, the new Myspace is a little different than other social networks that you’ve created accounts for in the past. Yes, you register your name, username, password, etc. but you also must select an ‘Account Type’, basically what you’re interested in.


Next, select your profile image and cover image – note that your cover image will be quite large, minimum 1024px.


Now you get to start filling in your profile. Write a quick summary (150 characters max), add your website, pick a cover song, and select your “Top 8”. “Top 8” channels the old Myspace by letting you add your top friends to your profile page.

Using the “Discover” tab at the bottom, you can see what’s trending, the top people, music, mixes, videos, and radio.  You can also use search to look up your favorite bands or find friends. The search is really clean with a large search bar that brings up songs, artists, albums, people, and videos. A search for one of my favorites, Janis Joplin, pulls up these results:


You can easily connect to friends, musicians and more by hovering over their profile image and clicking the connect button (the two interlocking circles).


While I’m still playing around with it, I really like what I see so far. Here are a couple observations:

1) The new redesign is focused at musicians, artists, entertainers and fans. The design reflects this audience well.

2) It seems to be a well-thought out combination of different social platforms: the imagery of Pinterest, the concise updates of Twitter, and the connections of Facebook.

3) The ability to create mixes (playlists) of your favorite music is a huge plus for me. As much as I love Pandora, the ability to pick the songs I like and skip songs without commercials is a plus. I haven’t dug deep enough to see how Myspace handles the recommendation of similar songs/artists yet as that is something I really like about Pandora, but I’m sure it’s either in there somewhere or soon to be developed.

The design is fresh. The large, hi-res images give it a "magazine" feel . The left to right scroll is smooth and is similar to reading on a tablet. One issue with the design that I discovered is that viewing it on a small screen cuts off some of the content as you can see here:


But when you view it on a larger screen, you can see the entire article:


Overall, I really like the new Myspace. It’s unique, visually appealing and has a defined purpose: to connect you to your favorite artists and entertainers. I think this goes to show that Myspace isn’t dead yet, in fact, I think it may do quite well (though I’ve been wrong before). We’ll have to wait until it opens up to more users, but so far I think it’s pretty sweet.