How to implement navigation in your CMS

Aug 17, 2012
Alexandra Barcelona

Navigation is a very important aspect of your site, especially when you can’t personally guide every customer through your site yourself. Implementing navigation into your CMS can be tricky, which is why Oshyn has created these blog posts to help you implement navigation into your site’s content management system.

Sitecore navigation using renderings
There are two main ways to create navigation in a Sitecore project: rendering or .NET user control. Though .NET user control is growing in popularity, using rendering is still the most common as it is known for performance and easy-to-build and deploy code. This post gives an overview of how to add navigation to your site using renderings.

Three approaches to implementing navigation in Jahia sites
There are three basic approaches to adding navigation into your Jahia xCM projects: Simple navigation using the “Navigation Menu” component, custom navigation using the “Navigation Menu” component, and custom navigation using the “Navigation Menu-JCR Query” component. This post walks you through all three approaches so you can decide which is best for your project.

OpenText Management Server 10: Navigation Manager design
When you have a large number of pages in your site, implementing navigation can be a challenging task. With OpenText Management Server, you can easily add navigation to your site using the Navigation Manager tool.  This post reviews how to use the Navigation Manager tool to implement navigation into your OpenText site.

How are you adding navigation into your site? Let us know in the comments below.