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Mobile devices plus social networks can increase product promotion.

Jun 25, 2012
Diego Vergara

With today’s online market it seems like social media has infiltrated just about every facet of free online content.  With embeddable games, embeddable videos, links back to the sites you use, email friends, tweets, status updates, user’s recommendations, RSS feeds, and more you have probably seen this at almost every site.  But this is not the end of the sharing, with the market today users want their information and sharing down quickly which is why we developers need to think of ways to allow easy connections to the social networks through the easy to use iPhone’s, Blackberries, Palm, and other smart mobile devices. 

Personally I have been using mobile devices more and more for keeping up with my social network updates.  Sites like Facebook have basically added themselves to almost every smart mobile devices.  These applications giving users the ability to make constant status updates, wall comments, picture uploading, profile changes, twitter tweets, and just about everything else the service offers for social interaction.  These apps have already become widely spread with users and are quickly becoming a must for social sites.  If outside applications allow me to update things associated with my social media I will use it, for the quick content change.

Just like social network apps that promote social connections and most sites out there promoting their products through social sites, if you don’t have social connections in your applications you are potentially eliminating an audience or extra revenue stream.  Consider a game that you enjoy but has no external high score tracking associated with it the game will more than likely end there.  Now consider the same game with a way to post your scores to a location like Facebook, twitter, etc. this game will do tremendously better knowing that you now have the outlet for users to share this game and their scores with friends. 

Doing simple tasks, like posting the scores of users, will increase your user awareness tremendously and theoretically increasing revenue.  Making these kinds of mobile connections to social sites can be done rather simply with the click of a button whether it’s a game or application that helps in your day to day life.  In my opinion I think it’s a great direction for product promotion and will continue to try and integrate these kinds of connections with every application developed.