iPhone PR Stunt: Recession Case

Jun 25, 2012
Diego Vergara
With people still in economic recovery and wary of their spending - why not provide some amusement with a little "functionality"? Well, that's just what Case Mate did. Case Mate is selling a “recession case” for IPhones. What makes it so special? Well, it’s made out of cardboard and can be personalized with a Sharpie for a whopping price of 99 cents. 

Has response been good? Well a message on the Case-Mate.com website indicates that the recession case is temporarily sold out. So ladies and gets, maybe now is a good time to invest in paper/cardboard industry stocks? 

To quote David Carnoy over at cnet reviews seems like this is a “brilliant publicity sturnt”.  

Conversely another company DS Styles announced by press release on September 17, 2009 that they are custom handcrafting Swarovski crystal decorated cases. A visit to their website shows that they are offering designs which usually need to be licenses like Hello Kitty, and are offering “LV Pattern” cases which mean they’re likely counterfeit. 

It would have been an even better PR stunt if Case Mate had developed an Recession Case – Sharpie iPhone app. Sharpie? Case Mate? What do you think?