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IPhone by Wireless Electricty?

Jun 25, 2012
Diego Vergara

Within several years portable devices like smartphones and laptops could be void of batteries. According to a report by John D. Sutter (CNN), “WiTricity's version of wireless electricity -- which converts power into a magnetic field and sends it sailing through the air at a particular frequency -- still needs to be refined a bit, he said, but should be commercially available soon.”


According to the story, Giler, which is a spin-off of Massachussets Technology has created a technology “magnetically coupled resonance” which sends a magnetic field through the air via a frequency that electronic devices like the iPhone could pick up to charge. Giler rebuffs health risk claims saying that the magnetic fields are “about the same as the earth’s magnetic field.” Batters “Good-Bye!”

I imagine such technology, coupled with improvements in wireless internet connectivity will make mobile devices an even more relied upon by consumers. 

Here is an overview of how the technology works:

What do you think about wireless electricty? Will it create higher usage of mobile devices?