Twitter API: Simple Demonstration

Nov 09, 2011
Diego Vergara

Social networking is having a great impact nowadays. Thousands of portals and social websites are emerging. Millions of dollars are constantly moving every day. That is why we must take a deep breath and plunge into the amazing world of social media and networking. The good news: many of these websites provide APIs and services that can be integrated in our custom solutions.

 There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the largest and most important social media service. For this reason, I conducted some research and played with the Java API provided. It can be adopted in different ways: console applications, websites, web applications and even on desktop applications.

The purpose of this post is precisely to demonstrate the capabilities of the API embedding it in a very basic desktop Java Swing application that validates your Twitter login, shows your followers, lists your friends and reads your timeline updates.

Of course the API provides you with the ability do use all operations such as follow someone, update your status, remove a friend, etc. The source code and the executable jar file are included. Remember, you need Java 6 to run it. To run, unzip the distribution file as is and double click the jar file, login and enjoy.

Download Executable App
Download Source Code

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