Sales 2.0 Intensifies Need for Right CMS

Nov 09, 2011
Diego Vergara
I was just reading a post by Ardath Albee discussing the Sales 2.0 Conference. She lists Gerhard Gschwandter’s  “dead ideas” – sales tactics that companies still use to engage in sales. 

Gerhard's list includes:
cold calling
relying on the traditional sales funnel methodology
manual sequential calling
lead response delays
using sales pitches
reinventing sales information
relying on commission spreadsheets
typing call reports
waiting for signatures

Yes, these are important reasons for why companies need to create optimal web presence. And yes, the phrase that HubSpot made famous – inbound marketing – is the reason why these are “dead ideas” when it comes to sales. 

Sales 2.0 means that the online world is integral to a sales strategy. Buyers want to find you, learn about you, discuss you with others and make a decision that doesn’t involve you “selling”. Sales 2.0 requires that you share thought leadership, that you provide detailed information about your product and services, and that you make such information easy to be found. 

Recently, Darren Guarnaccia of Sitecore wrote a blog post on discussing how the Web Content Management marketplace is evolving to provide marketers with tools that go beyond the scope of traditional content management. In order to optimize your website for Sales 2.0 you need to have the tools on your website to efficiently provide the content, personalize, track analytics, understand how your visitors are navigating your side – and in essence create a relationship with your website visitors. Sales 2.0 means that having the right CMS is no longer “nice to have”, but “critical to business”. 

Want to learn more about Sales 2.0? Check out this video from ZDNET.