ICEfaces: RIA without pain

Nov 09, 2011
Diego Vergara

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give my colleagues a tech-talk about how the ICEfaces framework makes our lives easier when developing Rich Internet Applications.

We covered the general use of the framework and the advantages of using it instead of classic JSF. I showed how AJAX-push worked and how it makes our applications more collaborative.

I also demonstrated ICEfaces capabilities to assemble rich user interfaces effortlessly with the framework's built-in Component Suite. A compilation of 50+ auto-AJAX components with scriptaculous-based UI effects and functionality such as drag-and-drop, fade-in and fade-out effects among others.

You can take a look at the presentation I used (below) as part of my talk.

I strongly recommend and support the use of ICEfaces when designing and developing RIA. It is well documented and there are lots of tutorials and walkthroughs to get you on the road. JEE developers who are familiar with JSF will just LOVE it.

Visit ICEfaces website at:

Download the tech-talk presentation at: