Gilbane '09 - SEO/SMO and CMS Implementations

Jun 21, 2011

Yesterday, I presented along with Bill Rogers from Ektron and Tony White from the Gilbane Group on Optimizing your web presence with SEO and SMO.

We had a lively discussion about SEO and SMO and some of the challenges today while businesses make this an integral part of their online presence.

My presentation focused more on the tactical things that you should be doing as part of a CMS implementation.  There are tons of tactical things you can do, doing a basic google search will yield you a laundry list of items.  At Oshyn we have put together our own and have learned how to use them correctly for the different situations and objectives of our clients.

Because time was so short at the conference, I culled down my larger presentation to a much smaller, more succinct presentation where I just touched on a few topics: UGC and CMS, SMO in CMS, basic Do's and Don't's for SEO optimization as well as some basic recommendations on what to do tactically during an implementation.

That presentation shown at Gilbane 2009 is here.

I've got the full version up on our site as well, which you can download here.

Also, we've created a separate white paper on SEO Optimization here created by my colleague Gaurav Bhatt (who also helped me with my presentation).

Let me know your feedback!