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Social Sharing

Feb 12, 2011

Hey you’re on a blog! Welcome! By the way, can you please share this blog post? I’d really appreciate it. You see, I want people to know that Oshyn is an expert in social media integration…and of course that I’m a pro in social media marketing. (partial sarcasm) “Which button should I click?” you ask. Well that’s a highly debated question.

Firefox just launched a new service called F1 that lets you click to share to three services at once. Yay! Or not? Sorry Firefox but the target markets of my Facebook account, Twitter account (and the one I manage for Oshyn) and gmail are all different. What I choose to share to each of those services is different…and that’s good. I share a lot of content management, web development and online marketing content on Twitter: my Facebook and Gmail contacts probably don’t care much about that.

Firefox F1

Firefox’s F1 seems like a good little button for those that don’t consider their audiences but want to share share share in an attempt to gain traction in social media. Success in any form of marketing is highly tied to understanding your audience: so how will the F1 button help? I think it might help get “un-followed”. Mashable seems to think it’s a good advancement – but maybe they haven’t thought too much about usability and were happy to highlight a new “feature”. From a usability perspective, you should let your website visitors easily share via the platform they want. Properly designed and placed social media icons are intrusive. The trick is perhaps in the design and not the volume of buttons. Stay tuned as we are soon to launch some design ideas right here on Oshyn’s blogs.

Before you start changing your web page design you need to think hard about usability. Not sure what to do? Well that’s why we’re here! Feel free to contact us tweet @Oshyn_Inc.