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Oshyn Inc to Deploy Latest Release of Jahia 6 5 Web Content Management Platform

Dec 16, 2010
Oshyn Labs

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) --  December 16, 2010 -- Jahia, the premier provider of web content integration software combining web, document, and portal features, today announced the beta release of Jahia 6.5, the first open source, Java-based Composite Content Platform based on the latest open source frameworks. The new beta enables developers, webmasters, and advanced users to create sophisticated web projects in as little as one-fourth the time by using any programming language with zero coding, making it easy to manage, author, and embed content composites from any source. Jahia 6.5 combines PHP-like modularity with Java strength for maximum development velocity.

"Jahia's exciting new platform lets us deliver remarkable customer solutions at a fraction of the time and cost," said Glenn Korban, Director of Technology Oshyn, Inc. "It frees our developers from the usual software bottlenecks, so they can focus more fully on client requirements. The well-designed architecture makes it easy to leverage open source components, and we especially appreciate the solid enterprise-class tools and unlimited extensibility of Jahia 6.5."

"Today's web and intranet projects are becoming ever more sophisticated, targeting specific purposes and communities, and ranging all the way up to full-fledged applications designed to generate and manipulate content," said Elie Auvray, Jahia Solutions Group co-founder and CEO. "Jahia 6.5 empowers developers and power users with a unique and innovative suite of time-saving management tools."

"Our upcoming release reaches new heights: it delivers not only limitless, modular, 'content smart' business solutions to Jahia users, but also multiple scripting support and zero code composition to development teams," said Emmanuel Garcin, Vice President and General Manager of Jahia North America. "Jahia 6.5 reaches out to new communities of IT professionals looking to create rich, more sophisticated enterprise deployments." 

Features of the Jahia Beta 6.5 include: 
The first Composite Content Platform combines the modularity of PHP frameworks with the strength of the most solid Java open source standards A full JCR architecture with a content repository based on Apache Jackrabbit for access by any application A powerful RESTful API for rapid website deployment. Developers can now directly access services and build custom extensions, which directly tap into the Jahia core back-end services, to develop dynamic, content-rich applications Template creation using a mix of scripting languages, including PHP, velocity, and JSP A new Jahia Studio that fosters rapid development and assembly of new extensions, with a drag-and-drop designer to build websites from available content composites Users populate personalized dashboard pages with available composites A Composites Library features more than 60 content composite and code samples that can be deployed across multiple projects Compelling, next-generation, content management with unified WCM, portal, social, search, and Enterprise content Community-centric collaboration encourages participation with integrated forums, polling, forms, and user-generated content User profiles can be customized and extended according to your organization's needs A new "Contribute Mode" for simple content editing without any technical training Set up advanced roles with dedicated attributes for reviewers, authors, publishers, translators, and others in just a few clicks New JahiApp social and collaboration capabilities let you deliver exciting customer solutions through the rapid assembly of content-rich applications, available within the beta package or on our JahiApps forge: a JahiApp MyPortal in which each user gets a personalized dashboard page to populate with available composites. An engaging JahiApp Blog which can be dragged and dropped into any of your web initiatives JahiApp Stickers for easy and efficient collaboration while working on content.

About Jahia 
Jahia software integrates all types and sources of content across intranets, extranets, and the Internet, within one simple user interface, at a lower total cost of ownership than other proprietary or open source systems. Content can include business, collaborative and social application portlets, widgets, gadgets, pictures, Microsoft Office files, and RSS feeds. Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, Jahia has its North American headquarters in Washington DC, and offices in Montreal, Canada and throughout Europe. Jahia has over 300 customers in more than 15 countries across the globe. For more information, please visit