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Facebook Creates Company Page Confusion

Oct 25, 2010
Oshyn Labs

I got a message from one of my colleagues today asking about creating a Wikipedia page for us. I was explaining the Wikipedia rules when he shared a link to our “Facebook page” but it was not our page. I looked around a bit and found that sure enough  Facebook, it seems, has been automatically creating pages that begin with Wikipedia text if available or by suggesting that users create Wikipedia pages if available. Facebook appears to be aggregating content from users that mention the company name. Could this be another Facebook privacy issue? It certainly will be a concern for companies that currently use their Facebook pages – for now if you search a company name you will find multiple results: which one should visitors go to? 

I'm sure this is probably part of Facebook's efforts to drive more users to company pages and make it more attractive for Business - but for those of us that already created company pages it would've been great if there was some kind of notification or way to link or redirect. Instead we're faced with a little (hopefully momentary) confusion. 

Here's an example of HubSpot's page: 

Hubspot Facebook Company Page