Drupal: why is it not perfect... yet.

Oct 25, 2010
German Villacreces

These past days I have been attending DrupalCon in DC and there have been amazing sessions. There is one
I found rather interesting, presented by James Walker "Why I hate Drupal". I want to point out some of his reasons and add a couple of my own. Now I know a lot of us love Drupal but we cant really say its perfect, right?

Photo courtesy of cocoate.com via Flickr

The first and I think most obvious bad thing is the lack of features in a fresh installation. Drupal doesnt have all the great features that other CMS have by just installing it, including: WYSIWYG Editor, CCK fields, image upload and more. Joomla! and Wordpress have a more ready-to-use out-of-the-box features package.

The upgrade system, all drupalers know how painful it is to migrate a Drupal installation to the latest version.

Drupal lacks a better use of design patterns (so true). The fact that Drupal is not object oriented makes it harder to practice good design patterns.

Other reasons include the use Drupal alters, why? Drupal spends enough process time creating a form so we can then go back and recreate it? Drupal can certainly improve in this.

One more reason I would like to add is Drupal's lack of environment deployments, we all know we can use a file versioning system like SVN but Drupal relies on database changes (content and configuration). There are ways to deploy database changes there isnt a global solution for this.

Drupal 7 will have several improvements considering some of these issues but becoming completely object oriented is not one of them.

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