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Better CMS Equals Better Lead Quality

Oct 22, 2010
Oshyn Labs

A hot topic in website design, content management and marketing these days is Lead Generation (or “Lead Gen” for short). More people are connected to the web, and more people are using mobile (even while shopping in stores to check sales prices). If you're still cold calling, you can be sure your prospect is typing in your company's website address while you deliver your elevator pitch. More than ever, when people are looking for a service, they use the web. But they don't just use search anymore; they Google, they Bing, they Yahoo!, they Facebook, they ask questions no Q&A and a myriad of other forums and social networks.

This means your website is more important than ever.

So as the website becomes a central part of your companies ability to compete, you surely want to keep it fresh and keep Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Having a great website design is key – having a GREAT content management system is integral. I imagine that particularly if you are involved in sales, marketing or IT at your company, you've had some hair-pulling episodes trying to get content updated, edited or added to your website. (Oh and let's not forget the legal department!) The bigger your company the more complex it gets. Maybe you need to worry about changes in pricing, releasing new products, licensing dates for content you are syndicating, or translating to different languages or currencies. A content management system (CMS)…well a really good one…can drastically limit the involvement you need from IT to make changes. Okay…so that was a little Content Management 101 for those not too familiar with CMS.

Back to “Lead Gen”

Every time someone visits your website they could be a potential buyer. You need to maximize your website's ability to deliver the right information to that visitor to help them along. In some businesses there may be little chance of an immediate “Add to Basket” and “Checkout” process: visitors might be looking for information on services and products in order to make a purchase decision. So you need to make sure that the content on your website stays relevant and is easy for the visitor to find.

Making Your Website Better for Visitors

  • make it easy for users to search your website
  • use CTAs (Call to Action) which are usually boxes with a message to “do” something else on your website like “Check out the Latest Collection”, “Read the Latest Industry News”, “Download XYZ Report” 
  • make it easy for users to find relevant content, products and services
  • make sure your website has a fast load time
  • make your website easy to navigate via mobile devices
  • use keywords in your content that your users might use. (Check out Google's Keyword tool to type in what you think people search and compare to the most popular keywords users have actually used.)

Making Your Website Better for Content Editors

  • make sure they don't NEED to know HTML
  • add a workflow or approval process if you need it for quality assurance (QA)
  • build a custom interface based-around their usual tasks
  • make it easier for them to know what content works and what doesn't

Make Your Website Better for Marketers

  • Easy registered user database management and segmentation
  • Simple newsletter setup, delivery and tracking
  • Easy to create Landing Pages to better monitor campaign effectiveness
  • A/B versioning to test out page layouts and content effectiveness
  • Give the analytics that let them really understand how visitors interact on your site
  • Allow them to deliver personalized content

So How Does All This Effect Lead Generation?

If your people can better monitor, engage and deliver visitors are seeking – likely your conversion rate (purchases, inquires) will go up. Some content management systems even offering lead scoring to help your team identify the likeliness of a visitor converting to a sale. Think of it like this, when you go to the grocery store, companies have arranged for eye level shelf-space. Groceries and FMCG companies know where our eyes generally look as we move and up and down the aisles. They know how to target Loss Leaders. They know how to get us to make impulse purchases. With a great Content Management System, your company can do the same on your website.

Back to SEO

The need for SEO consultants may not get washed out by having a good CMS, you still need optimized content to be the most competitive. But does your website have SEO friendly URLs or the ability to customize URLs? Does your website have an easy to use blog? Getting bloggers to blog can be tough, especially if you have a cumbersome blogging interface. In your website, is it easy to add ALT text to images? Is it easy to change meta data (although some search engines have minimized meta data importance)? Is it easy to define keywords? Is it easy to create 301 redirects for expired links? Is it easy to create anchor text?

The Final Word(s)

Your website can be a powerful marketing and sales tool. If you consider the amount of time it takes for all parties involved to create and edit content, the cost of IT involvement, and the power of the analytics you have available to understand what is futile and what is working – does it not seem clear that a GREAT Content Management System (CMS) will likely produce a better ROI (and more LEAD GENERATION)?

I thought so!

Please don't be shy. Please contact us and ask any questions you have.